GDS @ Bloomfield College | Burr emphasized that he hopes the proceedings are free of
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Burr emphasized that he hopes the proceedings are free of

08 Jan Burr emphasized that he hopes the proceedings are free of

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cheap Canada Goose Manafort’s trial, on its face, doesn’t have much to do with Russian collusion or even Trump. The president’s name has barely come up in the trial. But some of the evidence does overlap with his time on the Trump campaign. Richard Burr of North Carolina, said there is much canada goose outlet london Comey needs to clear up beyond the written testimony the fired FBI director released Wednesday.\u00a0 canada goose outlet woodbury Burr said the \”American people need to hear your side of the canada goose outlet factory story.\” The North Carolina Republican said more clarity is needed about the intent behind the president\u0027s conversations with Comey. Burr emphasized that he hopes the proceedings are free of partisanship.\u00a0 Warner releases excerpts of his opening statementWarner, in his opening statement, will address former FBI Director James Comey and note that while they haven\u0027t always agreed, \”I\u0027ve never had any reason to question your integrity, expertise or intelligence.\” He\u0027ll note, according canada goose outlet boston to excerpts released before the hearing, that canada goose outlet online store review Comey has been \”a straight shooter with this Committee and have been willing to canada goose outlet speak truth to power, even at the risk of your career.\” And that, Warner says, \”makes the way canada goose outlet trillium parka black in which you were fired by the President utterly shocking.\” Warner addresses Comey\u0027s testimony, released Wednesday, and calls it \”disturbing,\” citing the dinner in January when canada goose outlet toronto address \”the President appears to have threatened Director Comey\u0027s job, while telling him \u0027I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.\u0027\” He\u0027ll also point to Mr. Trump\u0027s request that Comey drop the investigation into Michael Flynn, as well as the president\u0027s two calls to Comey on Mar cheap Canada Goose.