GDS @ Bloomfield College | Gregg, a former headteacher, was sentenced to 13 and a half
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Gregg, a former headteacher, was sentenced to 13 and a half

26 Jun Gregg, a former headteacher, was sentenced to 13 and a half

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aaa replica designer handbags Former head teacher Colin Gregg had been sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court today after being found guilty of abusing four young boys.The son of the founder of Greggs Bakery was convicted of nine counts of historic sex abuse following a three week trial at Leeds Crown Court earlier this month.The married grandfather was found guilty of indecently assaulting the boys, who were aged between 11 and 14, from the early 1960s until the 1990s.Gregg, 75, of Gosforth in Newcastle, has been sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison by Judge Mairs.During sentencing, Judge Mairs told Gregg: “This was sophisticated predatory behaviour, you are a sophisticated predatory paedophile.”‘Never too late to report abuse’15:43Watch: Colin Gregg leaves court after being convicted13:30What is happening?13:00Full story on Colin Gregg sentencingThe full story on today sentencing is now on our website.Gregg, a former headteacher, was sentenced to 13 and a half years in prison for nine counts of abusing four boys.Newcastle Crown Court heard how Gregg, who helped build up the family business into the high street giant it is today, abused his victims in a swimming pool, in a car and at his home gym.The former charity boss molested the boys, who were aged between 11 and 14, from the early 1960s until the 1990s.Gregg, of Homefarm Steading, in Gosforth, Newcastle, stood motionless in the dock as Judge Robin Mairs sentenced him to 13 and a half years in prison.He said:Looking back at this whole episode of my life, it is something that I do not wish to dwell on and I sincerely hope now that I can put it all behind me and never hear the name Colin Gregg ever again.I feel remorse that I could not find the strength and courage to come forward earlier and support others in earlier claims against this man.However, I am pleased that this trial has finally put Gregg where he belongs. I hope he can reflect upon his actions in prison and feel shame for those whose lives he has adversely affected over a number of years.I also feel sympathy for the parents of the children, who will undoubtedly, but unjustly, feel guilt for putting their trust in this man and not seeing what was happening.A scenario I sincerely hope I will never have to face with any child of mine. Without doubt Gregg actions have had a profound effect on numerous people, directly and indirectly, and I hope that the sentence handed down not only reflects the seriousness and long running nature of the crimes, but also sends a message to others aaa replica designer handbags.