GDS @ Bloomfield College | Ik heb (letterlijk; ik heb achteraf geteld) 300+ berichtjes
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Ik heb (letterlijk; ik heb achteraf geteld) 300+ berichtjes

19 Jun Ik heb (letterlijk; ik heb achteraf geteld) 300+ berichtjes

CHACE: I kept asking weren’t you scared, didn’t you have to and it a secret? And she was like you don’t get how it worked. It wasn’t a secret, it was a quid pro quo. The State Security Department officials weren’t paid enough by the government. Perhaps because so many celebrities have turned the 50 corner Oprah, Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney, Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi, to name just a few that aging, and looking good (and real) while you’re doing it, is cool. It’s as though they put their own personal blessings on this next chapter of life, and it makes us feel a whole lot better knowing they’re members of the same club we’re in. If they are okay with it, we reason, then maybe we can be okay with it, Moncler Outlet too.

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