GDS @ Bloomfield College | Kathy Neely, who taught Emily for two years during preschool
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Kathy Neely, who taught Emily for two years during preschool

14 Jan Kathy Neely, who taught Emily for two years during preschool

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cheap nfl jerseys Members of the Hyperion Club gear up for their annual Visions of Trees fundraiser to be held Saturday, Nov. 21 at the St. Helena s Catholic Church activities center. A kindergartener at Foothill Elementary School, Emily would have turned 6 on March 26. Kathy Neely, who taught Emily for two years during preschool at the Waldorf School of Santa Barbara, remembers her as “strong willed,” “courageous,” and having a “joyful personality.” “She loved to play,” Neely said. “I recall Emily’s love of serving me delicious ‘sand cupcakes’ she had prepared during outdoor play.” Neely recommended grieving families light a candle to honor Emily and her parents.. cheap nfl jerseys

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