GDS @ Bloomfield College | O’Brien, 44, of Gainesville, Florida, was charged with
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O’Brien, 44, of Gainesville, Florida, was charged with

22 Nov O’Brien, 44, of Gainesville, Florida, was charged with

Raul A. Lazarte, MD, Fern Litman Mazo, MD, Julie Ann Crewalk, MD, Daniel E. Keim, MD, Fairfax Neonatal Associates; Mujahida Baram, MD, Mary K. The Virginia State Police announced late Saturday that Troy Dunigan, a 21 year old from Chattanooga, Tennessee, was charged with disorderly conduct; Jacob L. Smith, a 21 year old from Louisa, Virginia, was charged with assault and battery; and James M. O’Brien, 44, of Gainesville, Florida, was charged with carrying a concealed handgun..

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