GDS @ Bloomfield College | On a report that a bicyclist had been hit by a motor vehicle
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On a report that a bicyclist had been hit by a motor vehicle

24 May On a report that a bicyclist had been hit by a motor vehicle

Our tale started a few months ago, when we marched right into downtown Fort Lauderdale, demanding to dance. At the first dance floor we tried, napkins littered the ground, ’90s hip hop blasted out of the speakers, and the lighting made us feel like we were dancing at high noon. No, thank you, America’s Backyard.

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Call it a red pajama day. Despite the rainfall in Dharamsala ruining two games at the World T20, there was something extra eye catching about Bangladesh’s eight over hit against Ireland. Their switch from green to red outfits was not, it turns out, merely a fashion statement this is the first world event where teams have been asked to avoid wearing similar colours as their opposition..

He was charged with receiving stolen property over $250, two counts, and with breaking and entering for a misdemeanor. Than a tree branch was on fire, apparently ignited by a nearby electrical transformer. On a report that a bicyclist had been hit by a motor vehicle.

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But now that I’m older and the other people here are older, I’m simply one of the crazy people in town. I’m one of the town executives. People say hi to me and I say hi back, and they leave me alone.. It takes only a few students or people to voice an objection to a word or an idea to have it banned. We seem hell bent on becoming a society that never has to suffer an offensive word or thought. The First Amendment establishes our right to free speech.

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