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The canada goose uk outlet kid Canada Goose Outlet comes to

03 Dec The canada goose uk outlet kid Canada Goose Outlet comes to

What’s a fucked up movie everybody should watch

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Jane Adams as a desperate wallflower who lets men get away with anything. Phil Seymour Hoffman as canada goose outlet online a canada goose jacket outlet misanthrope who jacks it to uk canada goose phone calls with random strangers and saves each trophy come under postcards on the wall. Laura Flynn Boyle as Canada Goose online a controlling egoist whose insecurities and needs are as cheap canada goose uk desperate as her sister canada goose factory sale Cameron Manheim lonely heart who confesses her darkest secret the moment she finds a modicum of trust.

And Dylan Baker. My god. canada Canada Goose Coats On Sale goose outlet store uk Dylan Baker as the devoted, honest to a fault, pedophile dad. The whole film, he treats his son with adult respect and admirable candor. The canada goose uk outlet kid Canada Goose Outlet comes to him canada goose coats with questions canada goose black friday sale and Baker always makes time canada goose clearance canada goose outlet reviews and answers sincerely. And so this film earns its climax. When the scene comes and canada goose factory outlet the Canada Goose Jackets kid walks into the Canada Goose Outlet den to ask his final canada goose black friday sale questions, you know the Dad is gonna look canada goose clearance sale him in the eyes and speak truly and it going to be horrible cheap Canada Goose and perfect.

the filmmakers buy canada goose jacket cheap tricked these mass murderers into reliving their crimes canada goose outlet shop by faking that canada goose uk black friday they were making a movie about them as if they were the good guys

while they were fake choking an canada goose outlet nyc actor with a wire in one scene canada goose outlet online uk (like they had done many years before) the actor Canada Goose Parka playing the victim interrupts and gets emotional and says something like “apologies for my acting, it didn happen exactly like this. you killed my relatives and this is how you did it.”

no one knew the fucking random actor was there reenacting his own relative murder, canada goose outlet store not the filmmakers, not the mass murderersthere hasn been any great fundamental change in society that canada goose outlet would prevent massacres like in canada goose outlet in usa from happening again.

Well yeah, canadian goose jacket canada goose outlet toronto factory wasn the last one, Indonesian troops supported uk canada goose outlet militia death canada goose outlet parka squads in East Timor in 1999. They hacked goose outlet canada people canada goose uk shop up with machetes because they were trying to vote for independence. Islamic gangs burned churches with people inside them. It was a fucking bloodbath and Indonesia just sat and watched and denied canada goose outlet jackets it was happening.

The only thing that official canada goose outlet stopped the bloodshed was the Australian armed forces canada goose outlet canada backed by the canada goose store UN and the US who forced the Indonesian troops and militia back over the border.

These threads are always filled with the same answers (A Serbian Film, Requiem for a Dream, etc) but the fucked up thing about this is that it aired only once Canada Goose sale on Halloween night in 1983 on the Disney Channel. Here some more from the YouTube description:

This canada goose outlet uk sale is Burton canada goose outlet sale unique, twisted, Burtonesque version of the classic canada goose coats on sale Grimm Fairy Tale featuring an all buy canada goose jacket Asian cast. canada goose outlet black friday Hansel and Gretel are the two children of a poor toymaker, whose evil canada goose outlet new york city stepmother wishes to do away with them to avoid starving. After being intentionally led away in the woods, they come across a gingerbread house attended to by canada goose outlet uk a bizarre, but seemingly nice old hag with a candy cane nose! (played by the same male actor as the Stepmother) who turns out to have evil designs for our heroes!

After the initial airing, Disney Channel execs were so distraught by the frightening subject matter, that they never allowed the film to be shown Canada Goose Online again. Thankfully, someone managed to tape it that night, which provides us with this footage.