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The report said that these mobile numbers

06 Nov The report said that these mobile numbers

buy moncler jackets In a joint statement, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and the UIDAI rejected a media report claiming that 50 crore mobile numbers are at the risk of disconnection following the change in the KYC regime. The report said that these mobile numbers, almost half of the total connections in circulation, “stare a prospect of disconnection if SIM cards procured on the basis of Aadhaar verification are not backed up by a fresh identificationThe joint statement clarified that the Supreme Court in its Aadhaar judgement has nowhere directed that the mobile number which has been issued through Aadhaar eKYC has to be disconnected.Therefore, there is absolutely no reason for panic or fear at all, the UIDAI said adding that people should not believe in such rumours.The UIDAI added that the Supreme Court has not asked telcos to delete all the eKYC data of telecom customers after 6 months.”What the apex Court has asked that UIDAI should not keep authentication log for more than 6 months. The restriction of not keeping authentication log beyond six months is on the UIDAI and not on the telecom companies,” it said, “Therefore, there is no need for telecom companies or AUAs/KUAs to delete authentication logs at their end. buy moncler jackets

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