GDS @ Bloomfield College | Will the rise in the top one per cent share of income be
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Will the rise in the top one per cent share of income be

07 Mar Will the rise in the top one per cent share of income be

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iPhone Cases sale Almost 63,000 Canadian women earned the $234,700 you needed to be in the top one per cent of earners in 2015.The share of income tax shouldered by the one per cent rose again, to 22.2 per cent of all income taxes. To emphasize: They had 10.3 per cent of income and paid 22.2 per cent of income taxes. And this was before the Trudeau government raised top tax rates in the name of fairness, a tax share twice that of your income share and 22 times your population share being deemed not fair enough.Will the rise in the top one per cent share of income be sustainable? Maybe not. iPhone Cases sale

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