GDS @ Bloomfield College | Dietitian Services
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Dietitian Services

Jennifer Bostedo, Dietitian
Contact: Jennifer Bostedo, RD is a food and nutrition professional with years of experience providing real solutions for implementing healthy meal plans into any life style.  As a nationally accredited Registered Dietitian she is able to assist you in meeting your health goals using sound, proven techniques derived from the newest medical nutrition research. In addition to her nutrition background, Jennifer also has professional chef training.  Using her strong culinary background and cultural understanding she will work with you to implement a healthy and colorful palette that will meet diverse nutrition needs.  Whether shedding extra pounds, fueling up for a marathon, or meal planning for specific allergies or disorders, a registered dietitian is the safe and effective option for getting and staying healthy.Jennifer is available to students, student groups and faculty members for one-on-one nutrition counseling.  Look for upcoming events like tasty cooking demos and informative nutrition sessions.