GDS @ Bloomfield College | Meal Plan Information
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Meal Plan Information

Residential Dining Plan

All resident students are automatically enrolled in the Standard Residence Board Plan. Resident students are required to participate in the unlimited dining plan: This plan allows a student to have continuous access to the dining hall all day with unlimited meals. Resident students must present their meal card (BC Pass Student ID Card) each time to gain entry into Schweitzer Dining Hall.  Students are allowed to swipe their meal cards as many times as they choose on a daily and /or weekly basis.   Beginning in the Fall 2014 semester, each resident student will be able to use his/her meal plan at the Deacons Den Pizza & Grill located in the Talbott Hall Student Center.  This meal plan is available to non-resident students as well as faculty and staff.

Commuter Dining Plans

The Snacker –   $399 – 50 meals (3 per week) + $100 Flex

The Studier –    $535 – 80 Meals (5 per week) + $100 Flex

The Socializer – $565 –  100 Meal (6 per week) + $100 Flex

To purchase a commuter meal plan, please visit the dining office located in Schweitzer Hall or contact Director of Dining, Michael Blancard at