GDS @ Bloomfield College | 15 euros would have to be spent in France to obtain the same
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15 euros would have to be spent in France to obtain the same

28 Apr 15 euros would have to be spent in France to obtain the same

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Natural phytotherapeutic medicine, highly efficient in the treatment of cancer and also in the balance of PH Instructions:
In the bottle are diluted 10 drops of the Milk Bottle
Thus the contents of the bottle of pure mineral water (without gas) containing the medicine is ready for consumption and should be stored in the refrigerator in plastic bottles or glass (never in metal containers)
Recommended dosage is a small disposable cup (disposable plastic coffee cup)
THREE TIMES A DAY (morning / afternoon / evening)
When you take the dose, you feel a slight burning in the throat, which passes quickly (as when eating pineapple). However, if it is too strong, just mix the dose of the cup in a glass with more MINERAL WATER WITHOUT A CURE OF CANCER
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