GDS @ Bloomfield College | 5% of overuse injuries were located in the lower limbs
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5% of overuse injuries were located in the lower limbs

17 Jan 5% of overuse injuries were located in the lower limbs

When analog game clocks are used to enforce byo yomi, it is more convenient to assign additional time for a block of moves, rather than for each move. In Canadian byo yomi, a player typically gets 5 minutes for 10 to 20 moves. The IGS Go server uses a similar system, but the byo yomi time is variable and always covers 25 moves. Twenty eight fractures were reported, the clavicle being the most frequently affected bone (11 cases). The 68.5% of overuse injuries were located in the lower limbs. Most overuse injuries (89.6%) occurred during the training period.

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