GDS @ Bloomfield College | After 91 years, the family has kept important business
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After 91 years, the family has kept important business

10 Aug After 91 years, the family has kept important business

Day four brought a trip to the Zoo and a special birthday party for Wild player Kaitlyn Zurrin. The girls were treated (courtesy of a generous team parent) to a limo bus ride for dinner at an Italian restaurant (Zurrin’s favourite food) on Pacific Beach. After dinner the limo took them sight seeing around San Diego with loud music and some team dancing in the bus..

“I don know enough about what happened today. The system isn only rigged when it goes against me. The system is rigged when you come to a completely illogical conclusion whether it a Republican or a Democrat,” said Giuliani, referring to the FBI decision in July to not recommend criminal charges in Clinton email case..

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