GDS @ Bloomfield College | Air Canada Goose online raid during the loading
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Air Canada Goose online raid during the loading

07 Jun Air Canada Goose online raid during the loading

Diary from the Falklands Conflict

I had to go to the Antrim to deal with a 1000lb UXB [unexploded bomb]. It hit the deck head, which Canada Goose Online was the helipad, and dropped down to the canada goose black friday sale floor below. It took all canada goose uk shop night to lift and cheap Canada Goose get over the side.

From the bridge came “air raid warning red imminent”. We canada goose all got deep into the ship for cover.

Five minutes later, we were lying in the main passageway, anti flash and lifejackets on. We could hear the Canada Goose Coats On Sale two inch rockets hitting the ship’s canada goose clearance sale superstructure.

It’s bloody frightening: there were about 200 of us lying, face down, hands over our heads, in the main passageway praying.

Two Army helos [helicopters] uk canada goose were shot down today, both crews killed.

Got back to Tristram and were sent away again to HMS Argonaut. She has two UXBs, Canada Goose Outlet both 1000lbs. One had gone through Canada Goose sale the port side, a foot above the water line.

It did a full circuit of the canada goose coats on sale boiler room and came to rest under the ladder of the engine room.

The second bomb went in the forward magazine five foot below Canada Goose Parka the water line, ripped right through the ship, hit the hull off the starboard side there is a four foot long rip in that side. It then went up, hit buy canada goose jacket cheap the canadian goose jacket roof canada goose coats and landed back down on top of two Seacat anti aircraft rockets.

One of the rockets partially ignited and welded itself to the bomb. There is broken ammo all over the magazine.

The magazine flooded when the bomb went in and killed two young sailors, canada goose uk outlet drowned.

The RE [Royal Engineer] did the one in the boiler room defused.

Some of the lads went uk canada goose outlet over to Argonaut to measure up the holes to make patches.

They have to do the job at night due to constant action stations during the day.

We have half an hour canada goose store to get all our gear off the Tristram as she is going to sea. Loading gear onto Canada Goose Jackets small landing craft to go to the Intrepid. Air Canada Goose online raid during the loading.

Got a letter from Marie it took half an hour to read because I was under a table in the dining room sheltering from the raid.

Antelope, Fearless and Yarmouth hit. Antelope got two UXBs, canada goose uk black friday both above the water line. All we could see were two holes like that on Argonaut. REs cheap canada goose uk left us to defuse them.

Left Tristram, stopped at Argonaut to drop off a water pump.

Approx 1900, while related website alongside the canada goose clearance Argonaut, canada goose factory sale a huge explosion took place. Everyone hit the floor because it was very close.

The UXB on the Antelope had blown up while the REs were defusing it.

There was a hole in the ship’s side about 30 foot wide and four decks high. buy canada goose jacket The fire took over immediately.