GDS @ Bloomfield College | Air Man’s is from Kirby’s Adventure
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Air Man’s is from Kirby’s Adventure

25 Sep Air Man’s is from Kirby’s Adventure

Year Outside, Hour Inside: Beauty stays with the Beast for only seven days, but when she returns to her sisters, she learns that seven months have passed for them. Which leads to a bit of Fridge Horror when you consider how fast the petals fell from the rose the Beast gave to Beauty even when she was away from the castle. If the condition of the rose represents the Beast’s condition and it took less than a day for all the petals to fall outside of the castle linked website , just how long did it take for the Beast to start dying when Beauty left him?.

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Canada Goose Outlet sale Adorkable: Archy can’t help but sing a little tune when in Roman and Mickey’s recording studio. He’s even pleased with himself. When he realizes the others are staring at him, he takes a moment to put his tough guy face back on. An Arm and a Leg: Uri, though we can’t be sure if it is to be taken literally. Armour Piercing Slap: Archy’s expertise; so powerful, it can even make you flashback to grade school! It does just that to Bandy, even though he didn’t even go to school! Badass Crew: The Wild Bunch, particularly the main three. Canada Goose Outlet sale

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Canada Goose sale Shout Out: Flash Man’s weapon is named Za Warudo. Air Man’s portrait on the stage select screen is taken from I Can’t Defeat Air Man. Several stage graphics are ripped from other games: Flash Man’s is from Yoshi’s Island. Air Man’s is from Kirby’s Adventure. Quick Man’s is from Mega Man X2. Not to mention about the BGM playing throughout the stages. Just like the Dummied Out example above, all musics are remastered in 8 bit: Metal Man, Heat Man, and Flash Man get the series’s home feeling, by taking their stage themes from, respectively, X2, Mega Man Zero 2, and Zero 4’s intro stages Canada Goose sale.