GDS @ Bloomfield College | Always the sort to seek out remote cross continental roads on
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Always the sort to seek out remote cross continental roads on

03 Nov Always the sort to seek out remote cross continental roads on

He’s several income notches above the typical road warrior, but Tumi CEO Jerome Griffith actually prefers lengthy highway journeys to any other sort of travel. Always the sort to seek out remote cross continental roads on his off time, Griffith criss crossed multiple continents himself on a motorcycle to promote the new Tumi Ducati luggage collection. We asked him to choose one piece of luggage small enough to go on the back of a bike, and fill it with five essential items for a solo cross continental journey..

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Designers, including Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, have said they would not dress Trump, while others have come to her defense. Stefano Gabbana has posted photos of Trump on Instagram, tagging them with the hashtags melaniatrump and DGWoman. And designer Thom Browne told Surface magazine dressing the first lady shouldn’t be political..

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The internet began with great hope that it would strengthen democracy. Initially, social media movements seemed to be disrupting corrupt institutions. But the web no longer feels free and open, and the disenfranchised are feeling increasingly pessimistic.

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