GDS @ Bloomfield College | AMD’s RX 480 saviour may in fact be newer DX12 games
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AMD’s RX 480 saviour may in fact be newer DX12 games

29 May AMD’s RX 480 saviour may in fact be newer DX12 games

So while many have seen DX12 and mGPU / EMA (Explicit Multi Adapter) support as being a good thing, it may very well end up being just the opposite as AMD and NVIDIA are losing control of mGPU implementation in games. AMD’s RX 480 saviour may in fact be newer DX12 games, but hanging its hat on mGPU usage to compare to its competition’s new generation of GPU seems to be a futile comparison at best since it has no control over whether mGPU is implemented or not in games. Quite frankly, looking forward in terms of gaming, it is extremely hard to suggest that anyone move to multi GPU configuration currently with either AMD or NVIDIA cards.

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