GDS @ Bloomfield College | and middle aged participation in millennial culture has
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and middle aged participation in millennial culture has

25 Dec and middle aged participation in millennial culture has

Monte Lake

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 7:00 PM

Location: 50 miles SE Of Kamloops

Discovered: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 5:00 PM

Size: 70 ha

Status: Active
? 0% contained

Interface: Interface Fire

Evacuation Order Issued

More information

A Tactical Evacuation Is Underway

It’s burning up the flank of Monte Mountain, just north of Monte

? 30 Fire Fighters

? 2 Air Tankers

No Further Word On Resources

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My warrior of the Holy Cross and of the conquering sword,
The roses that you cast asideonce more I bring you No nearer? do you scorn me when you tell me, O my lord,
You would not mar the beauty of your bride with your
You say your body is so foulthen here I stand apart,
Who yearn to lay my loving head upon your leprous The leper plague may scale my skin but never taint my heart;
Your body is not foul to me, and body is foul at
I loved you first when young and fair, but now I love you most;
The fairest flesh at last is filth on which the worm will feast;
This poor rib-grated dungeon of the holy human ghost,
This house with all its hateful needs no cleaner than the beast,

This coarse diseaseful creature which in Eden was divine,
This Satan-haunted ruin, this little city of sewers,
This wall of solid flesh that comes between your soul and mine,
Will vanish and give place to the beauty that endures,

The beauty that endures on the Spiritual height,
When we shall stand transfigured, like Christ on Hermon hill,
And moving each to music, soul in soul and light in light,
Shall flash thro one another in a moment as we
Foul! foul! the word was yours not mine, I worship that right hand
Which felld the foes before you as the woodman fells the wood,
And swayd the sword that lightend back the sun of Holy land,
And clove the Moslem crescent moon, and changed it into
And once I worshipt all too well this creature of decay,
For Age will chink the face, and Death will freeze the supplest limbs
Yet you in your mid manhoodO the grief when yesterday
They bore the Cross before you to the chant of funeral
Libera me, Domine! you sang the Psalm, and when
The Priest pronounced you dead, and flung the mould upon your feet,
A beauty came upon your face, not that of living men,
But seen upon the silent brow when life has ceased to
Libera nos, Dominoyou knew not one was there
Who saw you kneel beside your bier, and weeping scarce could see;
May I come a little nearer, I that heard, and changed the prayer
And sang the married nos for the solitary
My beauty marred by you? by you! so be If I lose it and myself in the higher beauty, My beauty lured that falcon from his eyry on the fell,
Who never caught one gleam of the beauty which endures

The Count who sought to snap the bond that linkd us life to life,
Who whisperd me your Ulric lovesa little nearer still
He hissd, Let us revenge ourselves, your Ulric woos my wife
A lie by which he thought he could subdue me to his
I knew that you were near me when I let him kiss my brow;
Did he touch me on the lips? I was jealous, angerd, vain,
And I meant to make you Your pardon, O my love, if I ever gave you
You never once accused me, but I wept alone, and sighd
In the winter of the Present for the summer of the Past;
That icy winter silencehow it froze you from your bride,
Tho I made one barren effort to break it at the
I brought you, you remember, these roses, when I knew
You were parting for the war, and you took them tho you frownd;
You frownd and yet you kissd And you spurrd your fiery horse, and you hurld them to the
You parted for the Holy War without a word to me,
And clear myself unaskdnot And him I saw but once again, and far away was he,
When I was praying in a stormthe crash was long and loud

That God would ever slant His bolt from falling on your head
Then I lifted up my eyes, he was coming down the fell
I clapt my And sent him charrd and blasted to the deathless fire of
See, I sinnd but for a And trust myself forgiven by the God to whom I A little nearer? Till I be leper like yourself, my love, from head to
O foolish dreams, that you, that I, would slight our marriage oath
I held you at that moment even dearer than before;
Now God has made you leper in His loving care for both,
That we might cling together, never doubt each other
The Priest, who joind you to the dead, has joind our hands of old;
If man and wife be but one flesh, let mine be leprous too,
As dead from all the human race as if beneath the mould;
If you be dead, then I am dead, who only live for
Would Earth tho hid in cloud not be followd by the Moon?
The leech forsake the dying bed for terror of his life?
The shadow leave the Substance in the brooding light of noon?
Or if I had been the leper would you have left the wife?

Not take them? Still you wave me offpoor rosesmust I go
I have worn them year by yearfrom the bush we both had set
What? fling them to you?wellthat were hardly Your plague but passes by the
There, there! he buried you, the Priest; the Priest is not to blame,
He joins us once again, to his either office true:
I thank Of the everlasting God, I will live and die with You Replica Designer Handbags.