GDS @ Bloomfield College | Another ship, probably the destroyer HMS Exeter, was behind
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Another ship, probably the destroyer HMS Exeter, was behind

26 Feb Another ship, probably the destroyer HMS Exeter, was behind

One has him, before his astounded crew, personally calculating bearing and elevation with lightning mathematical ability, and with the perfectly timed firing on his order of her single 4.5in gun, blowing the Exocet, at eight miles’ distance, to pieces. In fact Avenger downed an Argentine Skyhawk among four following behind two Super Etendards, of which one had fired the Exocet. White’s own account, as remembered by his family, was that Avenger’s decoy “chaff” diverted the Exocet. Two of the aircraft circled overhead, then sped back towards Argentina. Another ship, probably the destroyer HMS Exeter, was behind Avenger.

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