GDS @ Bloomfield College | Approved by the Fort Smith Board of Directors
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Approved by the Fort Smith Board of Directors

22 Apr Approved by the Fort Smith Board of Directors

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Fake Designer Bags The talk at the meeting was more about spicing up downtown than making up any 2015 budget shortfall of $107,480 used for parking enforcement. Approved by the Fort Smith Board of Directors, but not final due to a possible $40,000 adjustment in revenues, is a plan to use a working capital fund to offset the balance of over $258,480 in expenses with only $151,000 in expected revenues.Deputy City Administrator Jeff Dingman reminded the city parking commission that when the issue was last discussed in an official capacity back in 1993, it was opposed by local restaurants. The zoning regulations could be changed, Dingman added, through a process that would see discussion by both the Planning Commission and the Board of Directors. Fake Designer Bags

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