GDS @ Bloomfield College | At the same time, all users cannot afford to buy the most
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At the same time, all users cannot afford to buy the most

19 Dec At the same time, all users cannot afford to buy the most

The contrasting tones of upstairs and downstairs consciously echo Wickstead’s different tastes and temperaments: minimalism vs extravagance, or, as she puts it, ‘My strict, controlling personality mixed with my always being the happy, most lively person at a party.’ As a professional observer of Emilia for several years, I’ve never seen the strict, controlling side, but I can vouch that she is always the girl with the biggest grin in the room. With her sleeves rolled up, the show must go on disposition, she would, I always think, have made a good land girl one of the glamorous ones in scarlet lipstick, roaring up to London at weekends in a sports car driven by a wildly handsome gent. She has certainly thrown herself wholeheartedly into the fashion business..

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