GDS @ Bloomfield College | Boyle took down the Mustang’s license plate number
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Boyle took down the Mustang’s license plate number

02 May Boyle took down the Mustang’s license plate number

Why Be Right When Harmony Calls to Your Heart?

Dear ones, there is neither need nor purpose in being right about anything in man’s
How amazing is your contemplation of this that the planets, the stars, the galaxies, the levels of heaven and time and space are all within you and you are here to learn of the Way of the Eternal that you may serve with God in the exploration and expansion of ITS consciousness? We never leave ourselves dear one, for the way and the truth is within our own heart and it is we as Soul that is the truth of
This is the humble understanding of one Soul and you are free to accept, reject or consider it within your
I am here as one who knows what he knows and whose Law of Individuality is that he must accept all others as they
I welcome your FB friendship as I welcome the air I breathe and the music of my heartbeat for within each I know the omnipresence of God’s love.

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