GDS @ Bloomfield College | But ECB policymakers are loath to incur losses they fought to
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But ECB policymakers are loath to incur losses they fought to

29 Sep But ECB policymakers are loath to incur losses they fought to

canada goose sale outlet Greece is far from meeting the terms of a second bailout, and while euro zone officials are growing impatient, they are also worried a Greek exit from the 17 member bloc would inflame market pressure on Spain and deepen the debt crisis.At a stroke, the ECB could ease the debt burden on Athens by taking a writedown on its Greek bond holdings, while addressing investors’ concerns that when the ECB buys bonds, as it could do soon to ease funding pressure on Spain and Italy, other creditors get pushed down the pecking order.When private creditors took big writedowns from a restructuring of Greek debt earlier this Cheap Canada Goose year, the ECB didn’t share their pain. Now they fear that in any future restructuring in the euro zone, they will again carry the can, while the ECB gets off scot free.To show it really means business with its plans for a new program to buy bonds probably in Spain and Italy the ECB could take losses on its Greek debt and forgo its ‘senior’ bondholder status, putting it on a level with private investors.Otherwise, the risk is that when the ECB piles in, private investors will head out, thereby neutering the central bank’s efforts to bring down crippling borrowing costs.ECB President Mario Draghi pledged when announcing on August 2 that the bank may buy more sovereign bonds that “the concerns of private investors about seniority will be addressed”.”It’s good for Greece, it’s good for intervention in the other countries,” Deutsche Bank economist Gilles Moec said of the idea.”If you want to demonstrate to the market that you are not senior and at the same time you don’t want to jeopardize the fire capacity of the EFSF/ESM (bailout funds), you take a loss on Greece as a show of goodwill,” he said of the ECB.But ECB policymakers are loath to incur losses they fought to avoid, fearful of the bank being politicized if it directly influences fiscal policy. This could give rise to more creative options, both for dealing with Greece and the seniority Canada Goose Sale issue.One scenario could see the bailout funds give canada goose outlet the ECB guarantees for further bond purchases, providing insurance in the event of any losses. canada goose sale outlet

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