GDS @ Bloomfield College | But it has an extra special quality: it has just 10 students
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But it has an extra special quality: it has just 10 students

12 Jul But it has an extra special quality: it has just 10 students

An ICIMOD delegation that called on Adviser to the PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam here Thursday also invited MOCC to join the Upper Indus Basin network of ICIMOD; to contribute to six technical working groups for successful implementation of the National Climate Change Policy; and to establish Resilient Mountain Villages (RMV) in collaboration with national partners including local mountain communities. Abdul Wahid Jasra, Country Representative, also briefed Malik Amin on the successful Community Based Flood Early Warning Systems (CBFEWS) and innovative livelihood approaches. ICIMOD is already working closely with MOCC to address the issue of black carbon by converting 20,000 conventional brick kilns into energy efficient as well as environmental friendly brick kilns.

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