GDS @ Bloomfield College | But what makes each of their planning to fall apart is the
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But what makes each of their planning to fall apart is the

03 Feb But what makes each of their planning to fall apart is the

I am rather late to this bandwagon, but it is a worthy bandwagon so I’m jumping right on. We are lucky that Juozas Statkevicius launched his first fragrance before he became a household name (assuming he ever does), because it is far from the usual designer fare, and as we can see from the contrast between Matthew Williamson’s mainstream perfume debut and what we know about his personal preferences from the smaller scale (and now discontinued) Incense fragrance he released with Miller Harris, once a designer hits the big time, it is all over scent wise. For that matter, releasing a huge commercial hit in the fragrance department probably helps a designer hit the big time, no? I will keep an open mind about John Galliano’s fragrance debut next year, but how likely is it that he won’t bow to commercial pressures and launch a sweet fruity floral? Not very.

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