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canada goose jacket gown town trying Hlct

08 Jun canada goose jacket gown town trying Hlct

Liverpool’s Kenny Dalglish responds to Murphy’s ‘little pressure’ claim

Kenny Dalglish has taken Danny Murphy to task after the Fulham captain claimed Liverpool have to prove they can perform under buy canada goose jacket winnipeg pressure when they bid to return to the Champions League next season.

Liverpool were transformed in the second half of the season under Dalglish, rising from 12th when he replaced Roy Hodgson as manager in January to sixth and only missing out on the Europa League after losing their final two matches. Among several impressive performances was a 5-2 win at Fulham on 9 May, after which Murphy praised his former club’s revival but claimed Liverpool’s woeful start to the season had allowed them to play without pressure in the final months.

When asked if Liverpool could challenge for the title in 2012, Murphy replied: “It’s hard berlin film festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship amid to say because they have been playing buying a canada goose jacket online under very little pressure. They haven’t needed to go out and win games, buy canada goose parka ottawa and everything they get now canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans is a bonus. It will be a different ask for those players to play under pressure every week if they buy canada goose parka ottawa are near the top, but with Kenny in charge and a few more additions they will be pushing for the top four again.”

Dalglish is unhappy with that evaluation, however, and has rebuked a player who championed Hodgson’s credentials for the Liverpool job that he sought last summer. The Liverpool manager said: “He [Murphy] should know there is always pressure here. He played here long enough, didn’t he? parka I just know that we played fantastic that night against Fulham and so does he.

“There’s always a caveat in there somewhere, isn’t there? There’s always somebody that asks a question. But if you take any pride in your work, you are under pressure in any walk of life. It’s not just exclusive to football. You worry about their ability to play first, and I’m sure the players can handle anything else that comes with it.”

Dalglish says he did not want the season to end having won 10 of 18 Premier League games since taking charge. “The season has only been a short one for myself having come in in January,” he said. “You don’t feel ready for a holiday and want it to continue. There will be plenty of enthusiasm in July when we come back.”

Having confirmed Liverpool will be in the can you dry clean a canada goose coat market for top‑quality additions this summer, the Scot is adamant he will have a squad capable best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest of handling and fulfilling expectations next season. “The expectation is for everybody to build on what has happened since January, have a good summer and go into every game with the same attitude and commitment as we have shown can i put my canada goose jacket in the dryer since January. If you put those things in place, then we aren’t best price canada goose jacket outlet usa online store going to be too far away.

“Everyone is looking forward to next season, which wouldn’t have been the case if we had stayed 12th. The fans are looking forward to it and so are the players. The disappointment of earlier in the season doesn’t do them any harm, because once you win a couple of games you see how enjoyable it is. We only need to show improvement, and that will be a successful season. If we improve on what we’ve done this season next season, then I don’t think anybody can be disappointed.”