GDS @ Bloomfield College | Designed by the legendary Giugiaro
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Designed by the legendary Giugiaro

09 Jan Designed by the legendary Giugiaro

A large scrapbook documenting a grand European trip in 1952 was given to the Powell Liberty Historical Society several years ago. The person who took the trip was from Etna. Because she had no relationship with our area, it was not accessioned as is required for gifts that become part of the society’s archives or items for display or furnishings for the Martin Perry House..

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Luther artist Randell, 40, undertakes his sixth major military monument in sculpting the lady veterans. Armed Forces. They deserve more attention in our public monuments to military service, especially since we have now lost 159 women in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Randell said recently.

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Of course, there are times when he allows sentiment to cloud his judgement and one wonders why, given the strength of the story, he felt the need to invent the scenes with the dog, the bag of weed and the train board party. Even the Katie character seems to be a contrivance, although Oscar’s grandmother did recall him once phoning for some cooking tips for a customer. It is also doubtful that this woman was on the train and accidentally alerted Cale to Oscar’s presence.

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