GDS @ Bloomfield College | Especially when they are too young and foolish to even realize
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Especially when they are too young and foolish to even realize

04 Mar Especially when they are too young and foolish to even realize

build your boats before you need them

cheap jordans for sale As far as being cheaters, only they know the truth. But, look at the facts did they not say they only dated a limited time (2 4 weeks) before she got pregnant in the first place? Then, they broke up for a long time and she was with other people and apparently so was he. Fact is, people who love each other don act so impulsively together or apart. If she loved him and he loved her, together or not, they would not be sleeping around with others since they already knew the costs associated with doing so. I believe that they planned way too much for a WEDDING and not the actual MARRIAGE like a lot of people do. Honestly, this is not fairy tale land they have two children already and one with disabilities that will require lifelong (expensive) health care. Their planning an elaborate wedding like that was completely FOOLISH as parents. If they loved each other so much and wanted to be married then go to the courthouse, or whatever the money spent on cheap jordans online that SHOULD have gone toward their daughters and other family expenses. Married people with children have to PRIORITIZE their lives accordingly and not doing so, does create STRESS on any marriage. Couple that with the stress of TWINS and one having health issues you already have a recipe for potential disaster then add in there the fact that they are teens who make impulsive, stupid choices and I sorry, but I am not the least bit surprised at the divorce filing. Sure, I hoped for better a leopard doesn typically change their spots. Especially when they are too young and foolish to even realize the problems they creating for themselves. cheap jordans for sale

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