GDS @ Bloomfield College | FEMI KUTI, eldest son of Nigerian Afrobeat
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FEMI KUTI, eldest son of Nigerian Afrobeat

07 Apr FEMI KUTI, eldest son of Nigerian Afrobeat

“An article by John Pietig (published by the Coastline Pilot on Aug. 2) answered a lot of questions,” said Arts Commissioner Pat Kollenda, speaking as a former member of the task force. Kollenda, who has a foot thick file of documents pertaining to the task force hearings and recommendations, said plans for the project were studied for a year, including input from engineers, before a project very close to the one approved at the June 11 meeting was recommended..

FEMI KUTI, eldest son of Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo Kuti, began his career playing in his father’s band Egypt 80. He founded his own group Positive Force, with Egypt 80’s keyboard player Dele Sosimi, in 1986 and has never looked back. Though he has forged his own path and become a world music icon in his own right, “the baton is definitely in his hands.” (Questlove) Kuti’s relentless energy as a performer is matched by his activism he has championed AIDS awareness and fighting disease through various projects, often in collaboration with other musicians, and has been outspoken on issues of poverty and corruption in Nigeria.

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