GDS @ Bloomfield College | Food with sulphides, like eggs, are a big issue for people
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Food with sulphides, like eggs, are a big issue for people

25 Nov Food with sulphides, like eggs, are a big issue for people

“Miss America tends to be more reflective of society than influencing,” says Hilary Levey Friedman, who teaches a course at Brown University on the cultural history of pageants. “If O’Flaherty wins, it’s not a game changer for gay and lesbian issues,” which, she notes, have already won widespread validation with the legalization of same sex marriage. Friedman also notes that sometimes historic firsts lead to backlash, when on stage beauty collides with real world ugly: After Nina Davuluri won in 2014, online commenters were furious that the crown had gone to an “Arab” and “foreigner.” Davuluri, who is Indian American, was born in Syracuse..

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