GDS @ Bloomfield College | Giving evidence, Sulzberger said he lied about his personal use
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Giving evidence, Sulzberger said he lied about his personal use

25 Nov Giving evidence, Sulzberger said he lied about his personal use

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hermes replica bags Michael James Sulzberger, of Flowery Gully, was sentenced to six months in prison wholly suspended on Friday after he was found to be growing, using and selling cannabis.Defence lawyer Evan Hughes told the Launceston Supreme Court his client had no prior convictions and described him as being respected in the community.He said the 67 year old started to purchase cannabis about 7 years ago to “help manage pain” from osteoarthritis but then became “obsessed” with growing it.Handing down his sentence, acting Justice Pierre Slicer said there was a “high degree of planning” involved in Sulzberger’s operation, which was run out of a shearing shed on his property at Flowery Gully.He convicted Sulzberger of trafficking, cultivating a controlled plant for the purpose of selling and using Hermes Replica a controlled plant Sulzberger had pleaded guilty to all three charges.He also fined him $2500 and suspended the six month sentence for a period of four years.Michael James Sulzberger was charged in April this year after police searched his Flowery Gully property.Inside a shed they located three cannabis growing rooms, a drying room and a trimming room they found about 5 kilos of “usable” cannabis.Police also found chemicals, commercial bud trimmers, LED lighting and digital scales throughout the building.When interviewed, Sulzberger told police he started with one cupboard but as he began to make money he expanded, researching how to grow cannabis hydroponically “on the internet”.He also told police he only sold in bulk to one buyer and sold the cannabis by the pound for $2500 he would not identify his buyer.The 67 year old will face the Launceston Supreme Court on Friday following a disputed facts hearing on Thursday.He has pleaded guilty to trafficking, cultivating a controlled plant for the purpose of selling and using a controlled plant.During the hearing, defence lawyer Evan Hughes argued some of the facts of the case, including how much cannabis his client was yielding from each growing cycle and how much of it was for personal use.Giving evidence, Sulzberger said he lied about his personal use to police because he was “embarrassed” and told them he only used cannabis three times a week.He told the court he uses it every day because he suffers pain from osteoarthritis and a degenerative spine conditon.But when questioned by the Crown prosecutor he admitted he was “selling more than he was using”.The court heard Sulzberger’s operation would have cost upwards of $20,000 to set up and he admitted he used money from cannabis sales to purchase equipment. hermes replica bags

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