GDS @ Bloomfield College | Gold, taupe and chocolate fabrics evoke an autumnal palette,
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Gold, taupe and chocolate fabrics evoke an autumnal palette,

15 Nov Gold, taupe and chocolate fabrics evoke an autumnal palette,

Conche des Baleines, in the far west, is the best: a vast, exhilarating arc of golden sand backed by high dunes and pine woods (ideal for a picnic). On the end of the island’s north western hook, the less visited and more protected beach off Bois de Trousse Chemise is also special, with a vast swathe of wet sand at low tide. Sandy, somewhat featureless beaches run continuously for miles along much of the south coast: at Plage de Gros Jonc, the waves are often great for bodyboarding, but the beaches either side are much less crowded.

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