GDS @ Bloomfield College | ” He said, “No,” but the chicken was sold to my companion
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” He said, “No,” but the chicken was sold to my companion

25 Feb ” He said, “No,” but the chicken was sold to my companion

“I think it is a great way to brighten up a town,” he said. “Second, it reminds the community of its history. Years ago, people grew up knowing about their communities, but that’s changed in recent years with more people watching television than visiting with their neighbors.

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He did not know what was in her stomach and lived on it for ten consecutive days. Then the mother of Jaafar came upon them, and she said to the student: “Do you prefer us?” He said: “What is it?” She said, “One hundred dinars in ten days.” He said, “No,” but the chicken was sold to my companion. =================== =====
And she said: This is a request from our virtues, Allaah has forbidden him, and that is a request from the virtues of Allaah, and Allaah has given him.

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and stench
and amputations

< > and the reckoning of the end…
Lifeless lads…
Laekeimonos shoots!
Steel childhood,

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> With more than a billion inhabitants, Africa is officially considered by all the indicators as the poorest continent of
It is true that Africa is rich through its natural resources but these are exploited by foreign companies which most often do not bring much

What is much sad for Africans is that it happens to foreign companies to pay royalties to the state or local authorities, but this money is diverted as everywhere, by a minority leaving the populations in the insufficiency of food, in the lack of care and jobs with as danger the pollution of the environment in which the populations live We must add to this the climatic conditions which are not favorable to the continent, 80% of African populations live from agriculture, which is why in some parts of Africa, such as in the Sahel, there is chronic food insecurity which makes thousands of deaths every year. No big economists or

How many years do NGOs say they are helping Africa? Yet nothing is the responsibility of the West is not the only in the viewfinder, African leaders have their share of the worst in all this history is that our leaders and media manage to believe that Africa needs of the world when it is the world that needs the
“Africa is not poor, we are impoverishing it, Africa does not need help but respect” – Fatou Diome

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