GDS @ Bloomfield College | ” He says the city has tripled in size since he got there and
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” He says the city has tripled in size since he got there and

20 Jul ” He says the city has tripled in size since he got there and

Merida in Mexico’s Yucutan has become a popular retirement spot due to great cultural activities, the proximity of a major airport and amazing colonial architecture. Grant Spradling, left, and his partner Clifford Ames, right, at their home in central Merida. Spradling has been in Merida for years and laments the massive influx of real estate speculators and “go getters.” He says the city has tripled in size since he got there and traffic is horrible.

Boron compounds were known and used for thousands of years but the element was first discovered by Jons Jakob Berzelius, in 1824. Before that, it was isolated in the lab by combined efforts of Joseph Louis Gay Lussac, Louis Jacques Thnard, and Sir Humphry Davy. The experiment for isolation of boron was done by combining boric acid (H3BO3) with potassium.

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