GDS @ Bloomfield College | He stands regularly in the Senate to hold the government to
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He stands regularly in the Senate to hold the government to

26 Apr He stands regularly in the Senate to hold the government to

His presence in the Valley is required, and it working at a considerable hardship, not only on him, but on his family. Told the judge that he intends to present Panezich case to a County grand jury for indictment, possibly as soon as Thursday. Although the defense argued that there was no need to keep Panezich here, Desmond disagreed..

Sen. Dallaire travels across Canada and around the world, advocating for the rights of children forced to become soldiers. He stands regularly in the Senate to hold the government to account on behalf of the many Canadian veterans who call upon him, knowing he will listen and that he understands, very profoundly, the issues they face..

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