GDS @ Bloomfield College | His chosen style is Baguazhang
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His chosen style is Baguazhang

21 Mar His chosen style is Baguazhang

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Hermes Replica The martial styles used by Gabe and Yulaw in The One mirror their personalities. While both are genetically identical and even sharing the same first name (Gabriel Law and Gabriel Yulaw being alternate universe doubles of one another). Yulaw is driven by his desire to become the One, to kill all of his doubles and gain their strength and speed, resulting in him favoring the Xingyiquan style, which focuses on aggressive linear movements. Gabe has been taught by his grandfather to seek a spiritual center, thus he tends to focus more on peace and harmony. His chosen style is Baguazhang, which uses subtle, circular movements. During their climactic Mirror Match, Gabe confronts Yulaw on a narrow catwalk, giving Yulaw a decisive advantage with his direct style. Yulaw has also had far more practice with his increased Super Strength and Super Speed, unlike Gabe, who wasn’t sure what was happening to him (with each dead double, the energy gets redistributed to the rest equally). Even when the fight moves to the open factory floor, Gabe is angry enough (Yulaw killed his wife) to use a more aggressive style he isn’t as familiar with, which gets Gabe’s ass kicked by Yulaw. Then Gabe calms down and switches to a Tranquil Fury state, using his preferred style and the open environment to outmaneuver Yulaw and beat the crap out of him Hermes Replica.