GDS @ Bloomfield College | ” Honn’s verdict must be upheld by a three judge State Bar
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” Honn’s verdict must be upheld by a three judge State Bar

18 Jan ” Honn’s verdict must be upheld by a three judge State Bar

This summer, the Oregon legislature made Oregon the fifth state (along with California, Hawaii, Maine and New Jersey) to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. The headline issue here for retailers is that the new law is focused not on punishing minor buyers, attempted buyers and others illegally in possession, but on levying potentially heavy fines on vendors, managers and store owners who sell to the underage. While the bill was signed in August with an immediate effective date, the fines are applicable only to conduct occurring on or after Jan.

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In February he took a nasty jab himself from the 4th District Court of Appeals. “Apparently this prosecutor has not learned from our previous comments that his improprieties have brought repeated discredit to the office of the State Attorney in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit by his failure to comply with the canons of advocacy,” the opinion stated. The appeals court then called on the Florida Bar to take disciplinary action against Milian, an almost unheard of step.

Honn threw out two of the four allegations against Genis but nevertheless found him guilty of “willful disobedience” for ignoring judges repeated orders in two different cases, one in Santa Barbara and one in San Luis Obispo. He recommended Genis’s law practice be suspended for 90 days, his license be placed on probation for two years, and that he attend anger management counseling. But, Honn noted, Genis’s “lack of insight raises concerns as to whether his misconduct may recur and is particularly troubling to this court.” Honn’s verdict must be upheld by a three judge State Bar panel and the California Supreme Court..

Muhammad Ghafari/Wikimedia Commons 2011: Protests against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s government erupt throughout Egypt, with tens of thousands of protesters gathering in Cairo and thousands more in cities throughout Egypt. The protests mostly adhere to non violence, although there are some reports of civilian and police casualties. The protests would spur an even bigger movement over the next few weeks, with a series of street demonstrations, marches, rallies, acts of civil disobedience, riots, labor strikes and violent clashes seen in Cairo, Alexandria, and throughout other cities in the country.

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