GDS @ Bloomfield College | How to turn employee restlessness into a strategic advantageThe
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How to turn employee restlessness into a strategic advantageThe

26 Jun How to turn employee restlessness into a strategic advantageThe

Johan de Nysschen, a South African, runs the luxury Infiniti brand worldwide from his office in Hong Kong. The Cuban American Alfonso Albaisa is in charge of Infiniti global design. Frenchman Vincent Cobee is heading the Datsun brand rollout into markets from Africa to India.

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Ideas for future collaborations and projects took root. It was assisted serendipity in action.How to turn employee restlessness into a strategic advantageThe hiring dilemma: Should you retain staff for skills or cultural fit?On a personal level, for example, I met up with a training consultant who had just joined the company. When I mentioned I was thinking about starting my own weekly newsletter to stay in touch with employees, she did me one better.

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