GDS @ Bloomfield College | However when the liquid is not shallow
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However when the liquid is not shallow

29 Mar However when the liquid is not shallow

Fluid Dynamics from Felis Canada Goose sale catus

This biomimicry themed blog post is brought to us by guest blogger Tianyou Xu, a senior at NYU studying physics and jazz. Read on to discover some fascinating physics from a very familiar creature: the common household cat!

On the topic of biology, Richard Feynman once stated in an address to the American Physical Society that “it is very easy to answer many of these fundamental biological questions; you just look at the thing!1” Indeed, just canada goose black friday sale looking at the thing might go a long canada goose way. Equipped with the latest imaging technologies, a group of scientists at canada goose clearance MIT tackled what seemed an almost trivial matter in modern science: how cats drink water2. However, what they discovered was completely startling, and their efforts have helped offer much understanding and insight to canada goose deals an otherwise trifling motion. Cats Felis catus along with a majority of canada goose store carnivores, fall under the category of vertebrates without complete cheeks, which means canada goose coats that canada goose coats on sale unlike vertebrates with complete cheeks (humans for example), these cheap Canada Goose animals are unable to employ suction and pressure to draw liquid into their oral cavities. Instead, Canada Goose Jackets these mammals acquire water in two other canada goose replica ways: licking and lapping. Licking is the sweeping motion made by the tongue when the targeted liquid is shallow. However when the liquid is not shallow, lapping becomes the preferred method of acquiring fluid. What is lapping? Most of us are probably familiar with the dib dab motion that cats make canada goose outlet toronto factory with their tongue as they enjoy their milk, but how this function precisely works has remained largely unknown. canada goose outlet store locations Using high speed imaging to capture the motion of the tongue, it was shown that there was a bit more to the dib dab than was previously imagined. First, cats extend their tongues towards the liquid and it. Next: without breaking the surface of the fluid, they quickly buy canada goose jacket cheap shoot their Canada Goose Online tongues back up. With liquid adhering to the dorsal side of the tongue, this Canada Goose online final motion produces a canada goose clearance sale drawn out column that is then captured upon jaw 2018 canada goose outlet closing. From there, the liquid is ingested. It is thought that this instinctual mastery over the interplay between inertia and gravity allows cats to drink while keeping their whiskers dry (unlike dogs), especially since they serve important sensory functions2. However, how the tongue can achieve such precision without supportive architectures such Canada Goose Parka as bone tissue is not completely known and is the subject of much research to come. A thorough understanding of this functionality may help benefit developments in tissue engineering and advancements in artificial bio structures.

Discoveries such as these are both humbling and inspiring. It seems preposterous that we (rulers of Earth) buy canada goose jacket could have overlooked something so incredibly elegant and complex. Which only begs the question: what more have we to learn from Nature? In a world where there are mounting pressures to finding answers to difficult problems, the search for creative solutions is becoming more and more challenging. But perhaps that is because we have been looking in the wrong places. Haven’t we just been shown, through the example of the drinking cat, that inspiration can sometimes lie right beneath our noses? Canada Goose Coats On Sale Still unconvinced? Canada Goose Outlet Recall how burr spines led to the engineering of Velcro3, or how the bumpy flippers of humpback whales inspired the design of more effective wind and hydroelectric turbines4.

After all, Nature has been running experiments of her own for the past 4 billions years, crafting and engineering the very complexities of the world in which we live. The examples of natural ingenuity that we see canadian goose jacket around us exemplify canadagoose-online-shop the pinnacle of her efforts. canada goose black friday Maybe it is time we swallow our ego and simply take a closer look.