GDS @ Bloomfield College | I can log in and get back later
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I can log in and get back later

12 Apr I can log in and get back later

?1,500 – Reina Mercedes, Isabela


J20 OG East Coast – SOLD
Size: Condition: 7/10
Issue: No box, glued areas will send pictures for sure
Tony Parker Nike Huarache
Size: 10 US
Condition: 9/10
Issue: No box and signs of usage

Adidas Superstar Pharell Williams
Size: 10 US
Condition: 9/10
Issue: Signs of usage and no box

Melo 12 – SOLD
Size: 10 US
Condition: 9/10
Issue: Sign of usage and no box

Jordan 1 Mid Thunder – SOLD
Size: 10 US
Condition: Issue: Slight yellowing sole, signs of usage and no box

Add 400 for LBC SHIPPING
No last price, no trade, no
RFS: Unload and reload

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Christmas Comes To All 8 Versions Of 360mobi Nikki Nikki’s Wonderful MOMO is preparing for his star
?? But after Thai Moo talked with other versions of Mmo. Everyone commented on how to share 8 special Christmas gifts with all 8 versions. ?? So on 24 ??, if anyone can not log in during this time. I can log in and get back later. (But must be in time 24 ?? everyone can guess what the special Christmas gift this year?

Activity Time:
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