GDS @ Bloomfield College | I can’t say I love Faith Hill
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I can’t say I love Faith Hill

15 Jun I can’t say I love Faith Hill

Faith Hill reminds me of the value of the nicely made background fragrance, the perfume that plays a supporting role instead of grabbing the microphone. I can’t say I love Faith Hill, but I don’t think the fragrance is about inspiring passion. It’s more like the cashmere cardigan you keep handy on a hook in your closet to pull on Replica Hermes without thinking, the sweater that one day you realize is sprouting holes because you’ve worn the heck out of it without even paying attention.

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Hermes Replica This past week I’ve been ill. I’ve also been annoyed that the world around me is sunny, flowery summery in spite of my discomfort. When I’m not feeling well, I prefer looking out the windows and seeing clouds, fog, rain and bare branches on trees (I guess you could say I wallow in my misery). If I’m sick or depressed, I still “eat a little something” and wear perfume (I’m lucky enough to be alive after all) but those flavor and fragrance selections are carefully chosen. Warm, rich, nutty and chocolaty desserts go down easily during hard times (who cares about calories if you’re physically or mentally hurting?) I don’t reserve certain perfumes for sick days, but when I’m feeling low I reach for “darker” perfumes that will “support” me as I move through my day (or don’t move at all); these perfumes must have some heft, act as a “scented crutch” if you will, but should not contain jarring/strange notes or progress through multiple stages of development. Sparkly, bright Eaux de Cologne, frivolous fruity florals, and ozonic moronic sport fragrances get on my nerves when I’m under the weather, and they seem to disappear into thin air the moment I really need a “shoulder” to lean on. Hermes Replica

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