GDS @ Bloomfield College | I never thought I be into such a sweet fragrance
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I never thought I be into such a sweet fragrance

12 Dec I never thought I be into such a sweet fragrance

Doceria Taste of Dreams
FREE – Calves

Minis tortas de 700g – R $ 15,00
Pates of 1kg – R $ 35,00

Wonderful flavors that only the Taste of Dreams has:

* Chocolate
* Strawberry
* Pineapple
* Passionfruit
* Lemon
* Prestige
* Chocolate with coffee

Tortas Salgadas – R $ 22,00

Kits with salty minis (30 units) – R $ 12,00
Minis coxinhas (cent) – R $ 35,00
Small coxinhas (cent) – R $ 50,00
Salgados Variados (cent) – R $ 35,00

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50 small bottles with 2 liters of soda

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150 fried salted snacks with 100 puffs with 3 liters of soda

Kit 40 people (380,00):
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Salty pie 40 slices
200 fried salted snacks

4 liters of soda

Kit 50 people (450,00):
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Hermes Replica Handbags Journey was the first FB I bought from Amouage and I love it. I never thought I be into such a sweet fragrance, but it completely captivates me. I don own any other fruity florals and in general stay far away from them. I get a lot of osmanthus and honey and there are days when Journey can get much more animalic on me than I expected, but I like that it surprises me in that way. The dry down is gorgeous. Hermes Replica Handbags

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