GDS @ Bloomfield College | I tried the Zicam nasal swabs
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I tried the Zicam nasal swabs

17 Mar I tried the Zicam nasal swabs

This article points out one of the big concerns I have about remedies, namely, just because something is natural does not mean it is safe. Zinc is a naturally occurring element, and is essential to the body functions, but the level of zinc found in these cold remedies is many times higher than what the body requires. It is also not to take it in through the nose normal route of absorption is through the digestive tract, NOT the respiratory tract. I tried the Zicam nasal swabs, and actually found them to be totally ineffective. I also was advised once to use zinc tablets (the kind sold as a dietary supplement) by putting one on my tongue and letting it dissolve. I tried this, and not only did it not relieve any of my cold symptoms, it made me nauseated and screwed up my sense of taste (although not my sense of smell). After using the zinc, most food was tasteless (yes, even more so than normal with a cold), and what I could taste was vile. Fortunately, both the nausea and the loss of taste were temporary, lasting only a few hours, but it convinced me not to use that particular again.

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