GDS @ Bloomfield College | I’ll include Canada Goose Outlet a map for better directions
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I’ll include Canada Goose Outlet a map for better directions

27 Oct I’ll include Canada Goose Outlet a map for better directions

Where to Fish Close to Norristown PA

IntroductionI enjoy fishing but haven’t been fishing my whole life so I am still constantly seeking out new areas to fish that are close to where I live.

I thought I’d do a little project on places to fish in cheap canada goose uk Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Specifically lakes, ponds, and reservoirs that are right in the Norristown, PA region.

I tried Google searches on lakes and reservoirs near Norristown but buy canada goose jacket the results are not real reliable. Some bodies of water are listed but are not open to fisherman. Some bodies of water are in the middle canada goose factory sale of a golf course. Some of the water is in a quarry. You get the idea.

So, I found some nice areas where you can actually catch fish. cheap Canada Goose I’ll add more over time. If you know of any close to Norristown, let me know. I’ll check it out and add uk canada goose it.

Green Lane Reservoir Green Lane Park

Green canada goose coats Lane Reservoir is a heck of a place to fish. Located uk canada goose outlet in Green Lane Park, Green Lane PA, canada goose uk outlet it is about 40 minutes from Norristown up towards the Red Hill Area. From Norristown, you’d lake Sumneytown pike all the way out until 29, make a quick right then quick left and you are there. I’ll include Canada Goose Outlet a map for better directions.

The Fishing

The fishing is good. buy canada goose jacket cheap I got a real nice 14″ bass on a twister tail not long before Canada Goose Online I Canada Goose online wrote canada goose clearance this article. I always catch something here.

The Setting

I’ve only fished there in the fall. At least during the fall canada goose outlet it is not over populated with fisherman so I feel like I can have some peace here and ‘get away’

The reservior Canada Goose Jackets is big enough that the two photos I took definitely do not show the canada goose coats on sale whole body of water. They only show canadian goose jacket a small portion.

The Bottom

The bottom I canada goose clearance sale where fished is very rocky with Canada Goose sale dark mudThe Shoreline is very accessible. If you are the type that just wants to park your car, jump out and fish, canada goose store you can do that. If you want to get away from the lots and get back into the woods, there is a trail that runs parallel to the shoreline. I usually go 100 yards or so up a trail then cut canada goose uk shop in to the shoreline.

Deep Creek Lake Green Lane Park

Deep Creek Lake is also in Green Lane Park in PA. You can get to Deep Creek Lake From Norristown using the same directions I gave you for Green Lane Reservoir.

The Fishing

I haven’t fished here much. I haven’t caught anything but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fish. Every time I am here, there are more fisherman here than at its ‘sister’ body of water, Green Lane Reservoir. Maybe they know something that I don’t know (which is very, very possible : )

The Setting

The lake is fairly narrow and long and has a considerable bend to it (not pictured) that canada goose leads to a spillway that drops I’d guess 20 feet. If there was rushing water, Canada Goose Parka It would certainly resemble a river but the water is calm and stable and definitely lake like.

The Bottom

The locations I fished at Deep Creek Lake had a lot of plant life below the water. I was using lures that run on the bottom and I was pulling up a lot of vegetation. Not just dead canada goose black friday sale vegetation and silt. Live, thick, standing vegetation. You basically park and walk no more than 100 feet. You could walk farther to reach other shores farther from the lot, but at Canada Goose Coats On Sale least as of the time of this article, the ones farther off have ‘no fishing’ signs posted.

OK, this is not in Montgomery County, PA. It is in Bucks County.

Lake Luxembourg is located within Core Creek Park. This park is the furthest from Norristown, PA than any other body of water in this article. Figure 45 minutes from Norristown PA. It is easy to get to so I thought worth mentioning. Bascially a straight drive 99% of the way. It is located in Middletown PA. From canada goose uk black friday Montgomery County PA, you basically take the PA turnpike east until Route 1, then Route 1 north to Maple Ave Exit. From this exit you are only 5 minutes from the park. See the map I added to this article.

The Fishing

I get plenty of crappie here and there are some decent pan fish. Other fisherman claim to have caught pike in this lake and that is enough to keep me coming back.