GDS @ Bloomfield College | “I’m eight years older, but it seems like we came from the
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“I’m eight years older, but it seems like we came from the

29 Jan “I’m eight years older, but it seems like we came from the

National Donut Day 2016 is Friday, June 3. Celebrating far deeper tradition than giving away free doughnuts,National Donut Day began during the First World War when Salvation Army volunteers called Donut Lassies served coffee and doughnuts to soldiers at the front. To this day, the Salvation Army continues collect donations for charity on National Donut Day..

“We hit it off immediately. I toured his studio and the camp, it was so inspirational. While we were there, I took a picture of George. “We know we have to do that,” Henrik said. “We don’t need the coach or the fans or the media to tell us that. We know when we have to do better.

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