GDS @ Bloomfield College | In his stead, backup Kamryn Pettway came up big, gouging
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In his stead, backup Kamryn Pettway came up big, gouging

17 Nov In his stead, backup Kamryn Pettway came up big, gouging

It’s worth mentioning the Cats have an improbable path to the SEC Championship game as well, but fans are just excited to see the team appear in bowl projections.And that not underachieving, even when compared to Auburn’s dark horse SEC Championship bid. The Cats haven seen bowl action since 2010, and Stoops job might depend on winning two of his final five games, which include tough road trips to Tennessee and Louisville.Another thing these two expectation defying teams have in common is solid play at the running back position, and this weekend they will lean on star rushers to continue their hot streaks.Auburn Tigers at Ole Miss RebelsRB Kerryon JohnsonStarting running back Kerryon Johnson will return to the field this weekend after sitting out the Tigers last two games.In his stead, backup Kamryn Pettway came up big, gouging Mississippi State and Arkansas for a collective Replica bags 361 yards and five touchdowns, so, when Johnson suits up and tees off against the Rebels, he might be vying just as strongly for his starting spot as a victory.There no better SEC team for a running back to do that against than Ole Miss. Just ask LSU Leonard Fournette, who returned from injury last week and shredded the Rebels for a record breaking 284 yards and three touchdowns.It’s 76 Yards.

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