GDS @ Bloomfield College | In the latest version of Trump’s tax reform plan
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In the latest version of Trump’s tax reform plan

04 Nov In the latest version of Trump’s tax reform plan

Description: Slysz Bowie that I just got in a trade from Drck222. Great shape, however has been lightly carried/used by the previous owner. The Bowie is discontinued and is highly sought after, and rightly so. In the latest version of Trump’s tax reform plan, everyone would get a tax cut, but the rich would see the biggest cut of all, according to independent analyses. The Tax Policy Center, for instance, found that those in the top 0.1% would see an average tax cut of roughly $1 million.Mnuchin’s statement may mean Trump will move further in the direction of the House Republican tax reform plan.Related: Steve Mnuchin can expect to be grilled about his time as mortgage bankerAs it is, Trump already raised the income tax rates he originally proposed (10%, 20%, 25%) to conform to those in the House plan (12%, 25%, 33%). But he didn’t go as far as the House plan in terms of limiting deductions.

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