GDS @ Bloomfield College | “Ingram said it was a basketball play he had done hundreds of
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“Ingram said it was a basketball play he had done hundreds of

05 Aug “Ingram said it was a basketball play he had done hundreds of

“Clearly, it was not a great start to the game and we couldn’t allow that game to get any further away from us, we were chasing it pretty well in the first period,” said Oil Kings head coach Steve Hamilton. “I thought we kind of came out and capitalized on those opportunities in the second and we got a little momentum from it and I thought it was a really good third period. They really didn’t generate a whole tone against us, so it was probably our best period.”.

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I don know you keep at it. I like building things. I like making things. Great execution.”Ingram said it was a basketball play he had done hundreds of times.”I just had faith,” he said. “The game doesn’t end until the clock is out. I just know D’Angelo is a good player, and he just knocked down a big shot.”Ingram and Simmons struggled for much of the game.

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