GDS @ Bloomfield College | It screams old money, and has a certain grown up vibe
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It screams old money, and has a certain grown up vibe

16 Mar It screams old money, and has a certain grown up vibe

Yes Jess P gifts do not equal love I completely agree but is it ok to shout at ur wife for 20 30 bucks not once but every single time. Yes we had a arranged marriage I hardly knew him before marriage but I was not forced into this I genuinely liked him and agreed to marry him and in one year I started loving him more than anything in the world, he is my top priority. Problem arises only when I need something not when he needs something, which makes me feel as if I am not so important for him! It not really about how much worth the gift is!!! I dnt care even if it is a small thing but I want him to have that intention of giving me something or surprising me with small things, am I asking for something stupid?? I am a person who likes to gift loved ones that is what I did on his birthday even though I dint have job coz I had a intention to make him happy!.

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